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I love home remodels. I love watching something that you dream brought to life. I also love doing the work myself whenever I can. Not only does it save a few dollars, but there is so much gratification in creating it yourself.

Our first home was my first big project. I updated everything in that house and I gave myself a few pats on the back after completing the designing, demoing, remodel and decorating. Within a few years, we outgrew the house and it was time for a change!

When we moved into this house I knew that once again I would be taking on a few projects. The space is perfect, but the design isn’t as modern and bright as I would like it to be.

I’m excited to be sharing some of my projects and home decor. I hope you find some inspiration as well! Be sure to check back for more updates, I will be adding them as I go along!


Painting this staircase was one of the most time consuming and tedious projects that I’ve ever taken on. The original stairs were a darker oak and felt more like a log cabin. Not my style. With a few coats of white stain and semi-gloss paint, the space has completely transformed, opening up the rooms and giving a crisp, clean feel. This project took me forever because I was painting after work and on weekends when the munchkin took her nap. I am so happy it is finally complete! Next will be replacing the carpet.


Wall Paint : Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

House Plants 

Snake Plants are great for cleaning the air in your home. Extremely easy to maintain and provide height in your space. Mine is kept in the planter that I found at the At Home store.  The white semi-blackout curtains that my daughter loves to play hide and seek behind are from Kohls!


Shefflera Plant – Another very hardy, easy to grow plant. These grow quickly, so pruning is important as they grow. I think my plant looks perfect in the large woven basket that I found at Target.


Wall Décor

I love functional décor! I have this tiny space next to my door and I found some great pieces to add to it. Having dog treats in a jar next to my door makes it so easy to reward the pups when they come back inside. The shoe rack from Target was just the right size to fit in that space and matches my overall décor theme perfectly! I wish I never had to put shoes on it, because it’s just a nice decorative piece!


Pillows & Plaid

Two of my favorite things are large, plush throw pillows and cozy blankets! When you spend the majority of your time in the living room, it should be equipped with your best accessories! Can you tell that I have a thing for a neutral color scheme?!

My current challenge is to find the perfect wall art that can fill such this large space and also brightens the room. I feel as though I am on a never-ending quest! So far I have added the canvas and wall sconces, but the rest of the wall is still bare.


Pillows & wall art : At Home Stores
Plaid blanket : Target
Wall sconces: World Market

2018-11-13 084035388506897646933..jpg

Home Sweet Home sign is from Michaels. It’s one of my favorite signs, the neutral wood and grey frame matches my decor to a tee. It’s small but still makes a statement!

Greenery is my favorite way to add color to my home, even if it isn’t a live plant. I found this piece at Target.

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