Sending Holiday Cheer With Basic Invite


I can’t believe that Christmas will be here in just a couple of weeks! I don’t know where the time goes, but every year it feels like the holidays come quicker, and it’s always a mad dash to check items off of our holiday bucket lists and finish up our shopping! One thing that I was able to check off our list early was getting our holiday cards sent out!

This year I used Basic Invite to design our cards. I am so impressed with how simple the process was, how well made the final product turned out and how affordable it was! It was probably easier than trying to get my entire family to sit nicely for the picture, which is also the reason our dogs didn’t make the card this year, haha!

A few things that really stood out to me with Basic Invite: 


There are 180 color options for you can choose from! You have the ability to customize each of the various elements on the cards and preview it before making your final order! I really enjoyed tapping into my creative side here; playing around with the different colors and fonts. This is a great option to ensure that your card is unique! 

If you’re looking to add a beautiful touch to your card, then you need to check out the foil designs that are available in gold, silver or rose gold!  

Basic Invite also offers 40 different envelope colors so you can compliment your card perfectly! I don’t know about you, but I always love seeing a colorful envelope in my mailbox! 


One of the absolute best features that I really loved about Basic Invite was that they sent free samples! After I finished designing a few different templates, I was able to see how they turned out and then picked my favorite from there. They are one of the few companies that allows customers to view their actual card/invitation before placing the final order. No more panicking over colors and paper quality!  You get to see everything first hand. 


Once you create an account with Basic Invite, they can send a link to your friends, family (even business contacts) on any of your social media accounts requesting their address and storing it! This is such a time saving feature, especially for those who have larger mailings!  Once the addresses are stored in your account, you have the option to have them printed on your envelopes at no extra cost! Talk about making your job easy peasy!!


Not only are these cards made beautifully, but they don’t cost an arm and a leg to create! Right now, they are offering a 15% coupon using the code 15FF51 , there is still  plenty of time to order and send your holiday cards, so take advantage of this great deal while you can!

I honestly couldn’t recommend Basic Invite enough! They are definitely going to be my go to company for all of my holiday cards and invitations from here on out! 

Take a look at some of the holiday christmas cards and christmas party invitation that they have available! 



Can I also just mention that when they mail the cards to you, it comes in a beautiful envelope that protects your cards from being damaged in the mail! 


This post was sponsored by Basic Invite, however, all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 


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