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5 Easy Ways You Can Help Save The Pollinator Population

It’s always fun sharing little bits and pieces of my life, interests, hobbies, and adventures on social media. But one of my favorite perks is being given just a tiny platform in which I can help bring awareness to one of the causes that I believe in!

If you already follow me on Instagram (or any of my other pages), then it comes as no surprise that I am a huge nature, wildlife and gardening lover — as is my daughter! So it makes sense for us to get involved and do our part to help save the population of bees, butterflies, bats and other small creatures that help keep our ecosystems going!

This past weekend, we went to a local butterfly festival. We went on a hike, did some arts and crafts, and brought home some plants! The main goal of these fests is to help educate the community on the importance of plants and pollinators. Unfortunately, all of those beautiful insects and animals have been decreasing in population due to habitat loss, climate change, and chemicals. So here I am to help share small ways that you can very easily help!

Nature walk
Nature Walk

Plant flowers! Who doesn’t love beautiful blooms?! The colors, the smells, No garden is too big or too small! In the ground or in small pots, every little bit helps!
(Check my list below for some of the best flowers to grow)
Did you know that getting outside more and gardening is great for your mental and physical health?!

Make your house a home! Pick up a birdhouse, a bee house, a hummingbird feeder, or if you’ve got the space and are brave enough, try a bat box! You can also add a puddling area for butterflies, such as a small garden saucer.
Parents – this is a great activity for your children make or paint a birdhouse!

Say “No” to Pesticides! People are so quick to pull out the weed and bug killers, but those actually do more harm than good. We all want a beautiful garden, but those chemicals are a leading cause for the decline of our pollinators. Get rid of pesky, invasive bugs, by inviting more of the better bugs and small mammals – with more plants and flowers!

Add a water source! Bird baths, fountains, water chimes, ponds. These are all great for attracting a variety of birds and insects. Butterflies and bees need a shallow, flat water source where they won’t drown. Try using the flat bottom of a planter filled with marbles or vase fillers.

No more excuses! Some people say “I don’t like bugs!”, “I don’t like pulling weeds!” “I don’t have a green thumb!” “I don’t have time!” – Let me ask you this – Do you like eating food?! What about using beauty products and medicines? Many are derived from plants! In order for our crops to continuously grow and reproduce, they need the help of pollinators! How do we get pollinators?! By doing one or all of the above! It’s the ecosystem’s circle of life!

Butterfly Bush
Shallow water source for bees & butterflies.
Also makes it a great decorative piece!

Best Flowers to Attract Pollinators

Butterfly weed
Milkweed (it might not be the prettiest, but it grows great anywhere!)
Bee Balm
Wild Bergamont
Black Eyed Susan
Butterfly Bush
Prairie Clover
(Delphinium, Floxglove are often suggested as well, however, I don’t personally plant these as they are extremely toxic to dogs)
*Check your local forest preserve websites to find plants that are native to your state.

I keep potted lavender on our patio table.
It helps to keep mosquitos away while we are eating!

I am also happy to say that I have registered our garden with the National Wildlife Federation! We are now “officially” classified as one in a million who are dedicated to creating pollinator friendly spaces, as well as doing our part to help increase awareness for the needs of our ecosystems.

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