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YouTuber Emily Norris recently created a new “2019 Mum Tag” with some great questions for mothers. I am continuing her tag by answering some of her questions and tagging a few other blogging friends to join in on the fun! We all have different experiences in motherhood, it’s fun see our similarities and differences!

Favorite mom hack?
Is playing Daniel Tiger on the TV a mom hack?! Just kidding. Right now my favorite mom hack has to be rewarding my daughter with “special treats”. Trying to get a great picture with your child, try telling them to smile and then giving them a treat once the picture is taken! Can’t get your kid to finish those veggies at lunch or dinnertime? Bribe them with treats!
Potty training was also much easier with rewards!
My favorites are chickpeas, animal crackers, graham crackers, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks and for something really big (like pooping in the potty) a couple m&m’s or jelly beans!)

Most embarrassing mom moment?
I don’t get embarrassed too easily, but I have to say it was quite comical when we were out shopping one day and my daughter out of nowhere screamed: “mommy has a big, stinky poo poo”!

What part of the day do you love the most?
Morning! I have always been and always will be a morning person. I love to wake up extra early, get ready, make my coffee and enjoy a few moments of quiet before everyone else wakes up. It’s also nice to run errands before the crowds start rolling in!

What part of the day do you like the least?
Probably around mid-afternoon when my daughter starts getting overtired, but doesn’t want to take a nap, that little attitude comes out!

The worst thing someone said to you when you were pregnant?
I can’t recall anything rude that was said to me while I was pregnant.
There were a few comments from the peanut gallery questioning how I would raise my daughter (many came from people who never had children!), but nothing overly offensive that really stuck with me.

Baby name you didn’t agree on?
We knew we wanted a “K” name (but nothing related to the Kardashians). We didn’t have many options, so there wasn’t much room for disagreements there. I think we had a harder time agreeing on a name for one of my dogs!

Do you co-sleep?
There have been maybe a handful of times that my daughter has slept in my bed, and it was when she was sick or “very afraid” of a thunderstorm. Otherwise, it’s been a routine that she goes into her bed and it’s been that way since we brought her home. I think that’s why she’s such an excellent sleeper.

Something you bought but never used?
An abundance of washcloths, burp cloths and bibs. Retailers want you to believe that you need a lot more than you actually do, so when a baby registry suggests a certain amount of an item – cut it in half at least!

3 hospital bag must-haves?
Comfortable clothes to go home in, a small toiletry bag with essentials, and snacks. I can’t tell you how hungry I was after giving birth!

Are you a routine mom or a go with the flow mom and what does bedtime look like?
Very routine! I’m a working mom, so I need everything to be done timely in order to get out the door. I would love to be more flexible on weekends, but my internal alarm clock wakes me up at the same time as any other day.
Bedtime is very routine as well. Potty, wash your hands, brush your teeth, get on your jammies, read anywhere between 2 and 30 books, hugs & kisses, and lights out!

What type of labor did you have?
Thankfully mine was easy and pretty quick! It took longer for the nurse to correctly get an IV in my arm than it did having my baby! I think that after the years of stress and sadness while trying to get pregnant, the universe gave me a break when it came time for birth!

What pain relief did you choose?
At first, I wanted a natural labor, but ultimately decided on the epidural once they told me I had to be induced. Best decision ever. I felt nothing.

Have you ever been mom shamed?
I have had people question things like “are you really swearing in front of your daughter?” but I’ve never been in an all-out mom shaming war.
Side note: if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being on some of those mom pages on social media, is that this world is full of mom shamers, know it alls, and crazy internet trolls. There is no right way to be a mom, but if your child is happy, healthy and respectful, then you’re doing it right.

The biggest challenges you’ve faced since becoming a mom?
The anxiety that comes with being a mother. I never used to be afraid of anything! Once my baby was placed in my arms, it was game over. I am hyper aware of everything now and it drives me nuts.

Biggest piece of advice you’d give to a new mom?
Talk to your baby and include them in everything that you can! The way that they learn is from watching and listening to you. I have been talking my daughter’s ears off since the moment she came home. I explain everything that I was doing and show her. (ex: “Mommy has to wash your bottle, here is the soap and water!” “The sponge is green!”) Repetition is also key!

Who do I tag next?
Tag, you’re it! I’d love to tag another mom to keep this Q&A going!

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