Fun & Practical Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Happy April 1st! To kick off the month, I am sharing some of the adorable goodies that I found for my daughter’s Easter basket this year! If you’re like me, chances are you have plenty of toys stored all over your house, so you just want to give something practical, but can still make your kid super excited when they open it!

Spring themed books. We can never have too many books in our house! I love surprising my daughter with new books for the holiday or a theme of the month. I went with the gardening theme this year because it’s one of our favorite hobbies to do together.

seeds. Going hand in hand with the gardening books, I am giving her some seeds. She will love planting these herself, watering them and watching them as they grow!

Swimsuit/pool sandal. Gearing up for those warmer days ahead! If your kid is anything like mine, they haven’t stopped talking about swimming since they saw the snow had completed melted! I know she’s going to love this one!

Sunglasses. Cute accessories are necessities! Little kids in sunglasses are just the cutest!!

Chapstick If you have a daughter, chances are she’s obsessed with “lipstick”, go ahead and give her one of her own! She’ll love it!

Easter Tattoos. Ok, so these were like $1 at Hobby Lobby and just way too cute to pass up!

Easter candy. I know many moms nowadays are all about super healthy treats for their kids, but for me, no Easter basket would be complete without a chocolate bunny and some jellybeans!

Here are a few more great ideas to include in your baskets!

Crayons/ Markers
Rainboots, coat & umbrella
Gardening set
Birdhouse making kit
Hair accessories
Snacks (ex. goldfish, fruit bars)
Fishing pole & accessories
Water toys/sprinkler attachments
Kinetic sand and Play-doh

How do you present the basket to your kids?

I am planning to keep up the tradition of the “hot/cold” game that I played as a child. My parents always hid my basket, there was a starting point and depending on the direction I was walking, my parents would tell me if I was getting warmer or colder. I love seeing my little one enjoy similar activities that I did at her age!

What other fun Easter themed activities do you have planned this year?

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    Tattoos are such a great idea! I love to put things I know they will need for the upcoming warm weather or a future vacation. This year it’s swim suits, water shoes and towels for an upcoming trip to San Diego. Things I would have bought anyway disguised as a present!

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    These are great ideas! This is such a cute and easy basket. I love keeping it simple with a mixture of stuff they can use for the upcoming good weather ahead.

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