St Patrick’s Day | A Fun & Educational Pot of Gold

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to get to one of my favorite stores – Hobby Lobby! Luckily, I keep a huge supply of craft supplies at my house, so even when I need a last minute craft for my daughter, I always have some essentials on hand.

We are no strangers to construction paper crafts, we do them often. Cut the paper, glue it down. But lately my daughter has been on a roll lately with her numbers and letters, so we have been focusing more on seeing what that number or word looks like on paper. Instead of just seeing the color red and saying “red”, we are now writing the letters out, saying what letters they are and explaining how that forms the word that she says. (r-e-d spells red!).

This gave me an idea! Rather than just make a pot of gold and a rainbow, let’s add a few more steps to make it more educational! So here’s what we did!

  1. Cut out the shape of the pot, 20 coins and rainbow stripes.
  2. .On each coin, write the numbers 1-20 on them, and write out the color on each stripe. We glued each piece on in numerical order. 1-2-3-4-5….. and once we finished with the numbers. (I let her glue them on, so they aren’t in a perfect line, but still in order!)
  3. Next we went through each letter on each color of the rainbow. r-e-d spells red! Glue that on. O-r-a-n-g-e spells orange! Glue that piece on.
  4. Once you finished gluing on all of the pieces, you now have your pot of gold and a rainbow!

For a last minute idea, this one turned out to be pretty fun! Of course we hung it up on her bedroom art board!

So if you’re looking for a way to craft with your toddler on St. Patrick’s Day, go ahead and give this one a go! Have fun!

P.S. Who else tapped into their inner child by eating a bowl of Lucky Charms to celebrate the day?!


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