5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special

To be honest, Valentine’s Day was never something that I had been big on. I’m not very good with romance nor am I an over the top cheesy love stuff type person. But I will admit that since becoming a mom, I have found myself becoming more enthusiastic about this Hallmark holiday! It’s probably an added bonus that I have found new excuses to get creative with my photography!

Check out some of the ways that I am making Valentine’s Day special for my little cutie!

Themed Crafts. Nothing says “I love you” more than allowing your toddler to make a huge mess! You can search Pinterest for a million Valentine crafts that your toddler will just love! This year we made “Love Bugs”, with my tutorial below!

Cooking/Baking Together. Have your child help out in the kitchen by making some tasty Valentine’s foods! Red velvet cupcakes, heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and a homemade heart-shaped cauliflower pizza!

Fun fact – these cupcakes were also a HUGE treat for her successful potty training!
Tip: Use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape of your pancake!

Decorate Together. Target dollar section, Hobby Lobby, The Dollar Store- all great options to find some inexpensive decor and cute photoshoot props! I recently added a decorative display board to my daughter’s room to hang her arts & crafts and holiday decorations. She is so excited when she wakes up to see them!

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We counted how many hearts that were put on the wall!

Themed Books. I will never complain about having too many books in my house!

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“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse”

Flowers. If you’ve been following along on my blog or Instagram, you know that picking flowers is something special that my daughter and I share together. Each month we go to the store and pick out a bouquet for her. This month it was roses!

Bonus Option-A New Pair of Pajamas for Some Supervised Jumping on the Bed! We all needed some new pajamas and when I came across these at H&M, I couldn’t say no! They are incredibly cute, comfortable, breathable and I will certainly be wearing them more than just Valentines Day!


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