5 Projects That Are Perfect For The Winter Months

If you’re anything like me, you’re not a huge fan of winter. I much prefer the days with long hours of sunshine and warmth. But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to stay under your blanket watching Netflix all day! Check out some of my favorite ways to be productive in wintertime!

1. Purge, clean, organize. Winter is my favorite time to tackle all some of those tedious projects that you just never want to get to. Grab yourself a strong cup of coffee and get to work! Take it one room at a time. Purge your closets, get rid of unused items and junk that has been piling up over the year, organize all of the items that just get thrown into drawers. You certainly don’t need to wait until spring to start spring cleaning!

2. Plan for future activities. I love to have a set schedule! I get so excited when I start making our spring and summer plans! Start by checking out the local event calendars and jot down the ones that your family would love. Plan your vacations or weekend getaways. Keep “just in case” lists in the event the weather doesn’t work in your favor on a particular day.

3. Print photos. How many pictures do you take a day? Most likely you’ve got thousands stored on your phone. Now is a great time to finally go through all of them, print them, save them to your cloud or transfer them to a hard drive! It’s so much fun to go through pictures and reminisce!

4. Plan your outdoor projects. Do you enjoy gardening? It’s one of my favorite hobbies! Winter is a perfect time start planning your gardens or easy to maintain flower pots. Pinterest has so much inspiration! Start making lists of flowers that you like so you have it all ready to hit the store come springtime. Maybe you’ve been wanting to do some other projects outside, again, start making those lists and products needed to complete it!

5. Re-decorate! Does your house a little facelift? Been thinking about trying out a new style? Making small changes to your interior can give you a whole new feel. You can purchase something new or even repurpose old decor that you had. I just recently changed my bedding and bathroom towels and it’s crazy how something this small can have a huge impact on the way you feel about being in that room!

If all else fails, just go outside! Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up! Throw on some layers and go for a walk. If it’s snowing, go sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight! Enjoy some fresh air!


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