Tea Time – Republic of Tea

I am a self-proclaimed coffeeholic. I literally cannot function without at least one cup first thing in the morning. However, I am also a huge supporter of tea! Not only is tea amazing for your overall health, but it can also give just the right amount of energy to get you through the day without the jitters and crash!

Just this past week, my entire house was hit with a nasty cold and I don’t like to rush to the medicine cabinet for the OTC’s unless absolutely necessary. Instead, I rush to my tea cabinet and pull out my favorite teas! My favorite cold or flu remedy is hot tea with lemon and honey!
I’m happy to report that we are all feeling much better and are back in the game!

I was introduced to Republic of Tea years ago and have yet to find a tea that I don’t like from them! For cooler months, I am partial to the warming, healing teas like ginger and turmeric and in summer I love having a glass of iced tea. There is such a huge variety and all of the flavors are equally delicious and refreshing. I can’t recommend them enough.

Bonus points, I have even convinced my husband to start switching out the energy drinks for tea. He is a long ways away before joining me in the coffee world, so tea is great for him!


P.S.- how do you think I did for my first flatlay photo?!

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