A Winter Nature Walk

I have always been an outdoorsy person and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with my girl. My daughter loves to be outside and doesn’t care what the temperature is! I often catch her trying to slip on her shoes and run out the door without being properly dressed. Other times I’ll see her trying to put on her coat and jacket, telling me that she’s going out as if I have no say in her decision! I love that she the way that she is. Such a little explorer!

To me, January always feels like the longest month. The holidays are over and now it’s just a waiting game for the seasons to change and spring to arrive. It feels like you’ve been cooped up in your house forever! So when we were surprised with 50 degrees, there was no question that we were headed outside for a nature walk! The sunshine and crisp air work can work wonders to perk up your mood! I’m a firm believer in turning off the tv, computers, cell phones, tablets, (except to snap a few pics) for a while! Your mind needs a break from technology.

When the weather is nice, we try to go on nature walks at least once a week. It gives us all exercise and bonding time. We watch for wildlife, collect sticks, throw rocks, climb and we talk! Communication is huge, especially for a growing toddler! My daughter’s inquisitive mind is always pointing to something, asking me what it is and then repeating it. We look at the clouds, the water, trees, plants. We discuss colors, objects, animals, their footprints, the weather. There are so many learning opportunities!

Here are a few pics from our walk! We had such a great day!

Go get outside, let the little ones explore! You’ll love it!


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