Nice To Meet You

Hi there! My name is Nikki. Mom to the sweetest little girl and two crazy pups! You can usually find me running around in the comfiest clothes I can find, with a cup of coffee, planning something fun to do or setting up for another project.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, creating and decorating, but being a mother has been the absolute greatest part of my life. I love to include my daughter in everything that I do and my main goal as a mom is to give her the most memorable experiences to remember forever.

I decided to start my blog to share moments of motherhood, as well as my projects and interests. I have found so much inspiration out there in the world and hope to provide the same to others! Blogging has also inspired me to purchase my first DSLR camera and take a stab at some photography!

So why the name PunKin’s Donuts? My blog name was inspired by my world – my daughter! When I was trying to come up with a name, it was around the same time that she was eating her very first pumpkin donut. The excitement in her reaction to that first bite was priceless, she screamed with so much joy “PUNKIN DONUT!!!” From there, it just stuck with me!

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and connecting with others!

My personal philosophy for life and motherhood is to never be too serious, act silly, have fun, make mistakes and get messy!

Thanks for following along! Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or collaborations!

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Nice to meet you! I’m Nikki! I'm called "mommy" by the most precious little girl who makes my world go round! I'm a lover of coffee, comfy clothes, neutral home decor, flowers & DIY projects! My blog focuses on combining both motherhood with hobbies and interests and sharing helpful tips! I hope you find some inspiration as you read along!

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