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5 Simple Kitchen Upgrades

It’s rare that I show pictures of my kitchen because I really dislike how dark it is! When we bought the house, I knew right away that it would not be staying as is. Black granite, black appliances, dark wall tiles! Ugh! my poor eyes! I like bright, white, and clean looks! I also know that a kitchen remodel can easily add up to be one of the most expensive upgrades in a home.

Our Original Kitchen

Thankfully, there are some very simple, inexpensive changes that you can make for it to be livable until you decide to take on the full remodel!

1. Paint. Paint your walls! Neutral colors! A kitchen is a gathering spot, you want it to be inviting!

2. Door Knobs. Change them out for something more modern, it’s amazing how this can instantly change the feel of your kitchen. I was able to find a pack of 10 knobs on Amazon for about $15.

3. Paint Your Existing Backsplash. Yes, you can paint tile! This project was one of my goals for the New Year, and after completing it and seeing how much brighter it made the room. I wish I had done it months ago! (See below for the super easy, step by step process)

4. Outlets. If you’re handy with basic electrical skills or have someone that is, I would recommend updating your outlets. We are switching out my black outlets for white. This is also a good time to bring your outlets up to code and install your GFCI outlets where needed.

5. New Appliances. If it’s in your budget to upgrade your appliances, it’s definitely worth it. Ditch the 10 year old appliances for more energy efficient ones! We’re purchasing stainless appliances to replace the very old, outdated black ones that we currently have.

Painting A Backsplash 
Items needed:
Paint (Eggshell or Satin finish)
Painters tape
Sanding block
Foam rollers
Heavy duty cleaner/degreaser

First, give your tile a good clean and then a quick sanding using your sanding block. This is just to get all the dirt and grease off before you start painting.

Next, tape off all of your edges that align the counters and cabinets. Remove any outlet covers.

Start with your paintbrush and primer to paint all of the grout lines. Then use your foam roller to paint the tiles. I painted two coats to ensure full, even coverage. Let dry.

Use the same technique for your paint. Paintbrush for grout lines first and then the foam roller to cover the tiles evenly.

Do a final look over, for any small grout lines that didn’t completely cover, I went back with a very small paintbrush filled them in that way.

Enjoy your bright new backsplash!

[Choosing Colors] When you paint your backsplash, you want to chose a color that resembles natural stone or tile. For a cohesive look, I used the same color for my backsplash that I did for my wall paint. (Sherwin Williams – Accessible Beige)

Primed and ready to be painted!

FINAL LOOK! ( I will update this once I install our new outlets and appliances!)

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