My Flower Child

“Mommy, can we go outside plant seeds?!” This one of my daughter’s first questions of the day. “Sorry honey, it’s too cold outside to plant flowers!”
Saddened, she responded with an “awwww”.

This past year I introduced my daughter to gardening and she really took an interest to it. She helped me plant the seeds, watered them daily, watched them bloom and then went to smell them every day. I honestly didn’t expect her to enjoy it as much as she did, but I’m happy that she does. Right now we are creeping into winter, so planting outside isn’t really an option, but it gave me an idea. 

“Do you want to go to the store and pick out some flowers?!”
“Okay! Let’s go shopping mommy!!” 

I love having fresh flowers in my house, A simple, cheerful piece of decor that can be changed out easily and cheaply. Most might not expect it, but you can actually pick out a pretty decent selection of flowers in Jewel’s 3 for $12 section and they’ve always lasted a week or more! 

When we arrived at the store I let Kin pick out the flowers that she wanted. I told her that we just needed some Christmas colors – red, green and white. I thought that it would be a fun idea to let her make her own floral arrangement. I cut them for her and she put them into the vase. She loved it! She sat there picking up each stem, smelling each one. I was even handed a few flowers with a hug and an “I love you, mommy!” Those sweet moments just make my heart explode! 

I love any opportunity for a creative mommy-daughter bonding moment and this was definitely one of them. She made one hell of an arrangement (I only helped out a little!) and I am so proud of her! I think this is going to have to become a monthly tradition for us from now on! 


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