The Santa Experience

Oh Santa! Kids either love him or are terrified of him. The few times we’ve taken Kin to go see the big guy, we ended up with the cringe worthy crying pictures. This year we had decided that we wouldn’t take her to see Santa, we didn’t want to waste money to torture the poor girl. It’s not like she’d remember what years she went and those she didn’t!

So this weekend we headed out to the farm to take a few “basic” pictures with the Christmas trees. Once Kin started having a meltdown, we went inside to get her some donuts. Little did we know that Santa was on his way!  At that point, we decided that since we were already there, we’d give the picture taking a whirl! 

Santa came walking in, shaking his bells, and a slight smile started to appear along a gleam of hope in Kin’s eyes! Could she really be excited?! And then she slowly turned and locked onto my leg. Oh boy, here we go! (why didn’t we pay to take pictures AFTER we saw her reaction?!)

Kin watched as the kids before her sat on his lap, telling him how good they’ve been that year. She was both curious and petrified. Our turn came, as did her panic. She clung onto me, saying “no, no, no!” But like the great parents we are, we dragged her over anyway. Other moms tried to come to the rescue, jumping behind the camera trying to make her smile and laugh, we joined in the picture with her, but her fear was taking over. 

Then, Santa started talking to her with his calm voice, sweet voice and she caved. She walked in closer and started talking to him! Yes!! This was it! We were finally getting some cute pictures!! She ended the photo session by giving him a hug and claiming her reward for the torture (a coloring book). We survived and now we have a cute memory for the books!

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