Kicking off December With Gingerbread Houses

What better way to kick of December then by making gingerbread houses!

If you’re starting from scratch like I did for my house, you’ll need to buy a box graham crackers and an obnoxious amount of candy that you would never otherwise eat. I also opted to make my own frosting (super easy recipe!) 

For my daughter/husband’s house, we bought a gingerbread kit, which already comes with the candy and frosting and makes for easy assembly. If your child anything like my daughter, half the candy gets eaten prior to putting anything together! Using a muffin tin is a great way to organize your candies and minimize the amount that could be eaten!

For my house, I tried to make a winter marshmallowy wonderland. I made a walkway to the pond using crushed sprinkle toppings. I made a pond by melting blue jolly ranchers (1 minute at 70% should melt 4-5 at once) For the bridge I broke a graham cracker in half and used icing to glue half pretzel sticks on it. 

My daughter’s house was a candy land. She chose the pieces of candy and where to put them. Marshmallows make for a good snowman too! 

Cheesing it up with our gingerbread houses! 

Have fun with your own gingerbread houses! Get as creative and silly as you want with them! 

Icing Recipe

3 egg whites brought to room temp
2 1/2 cups of powdered sugar 
1/2 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar 

Beat the mixture together until you form peaks (10-15 minutes). If you notice that it has a soupy texture, then add more powdered sugar in small amounts. This should be a glue consistency to ensure that it holds your house together! 

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