Gifts for Grandmas-Ornaments & Frames

The weathermen are predicting our first “snowmaggedon” of the season, so we are spending our Sunday inside painting Christmas gifts! The grandmothers never want or need anything big and fancy for Christmas, so we like giving them special homemade items! 

Handmade gifts are always so special and come from the heart. There’s something so sweet about giving and receiving a gift that was made by someone, especially when that someone is your child or grandchild!

This year we picked up a couple ornaments and wooden frames from Hobby Lobby. My daughter LOVES to paint and I love watching her! As soon as I pull out the craft bin, her excitement goes through the roof! It’s so important to let kids explore their creative side. Let them use their hands when they paint, let them get messy! It’s all washable! 
Whenever my daughter starts painting, I am always fascinated by how hard she concentrates. She names each color that she uses and mixes them together to see what new colors form. Once she has finished painting she says “Mommy, look what I painted!” You can tell how proud she is of her work and I am equally proud! 

I know the grandmothers are going to be so excited when they receive their Christmas gifts!

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Nice to meet you! I’m Nikki! I'm called "mommy" by the most precious little girl who makes my world go round! I'm a lover of coffee, comfy clothes, neutral home decor, flowers & DIY projects! My blog focuses on combining both motherhood with hobbies and interests and sharing helpful tips! I hope you find some inspiration as you read along!

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