It’s ok to stay home for Thanksgiving!

I have some fond memories of the holidays when I was a kid. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas it was always bouncing from house to house or my parents hosting, I remember it as always being a fun time. I basically grew up as an only child (my brothers didn’t live with me), so I looked forward to spending time with my cousin, our crazy awesome uncle who acted like a kid himself and my grandpa. As kids, we never understand how much goes into preparing everything or shuffling everyone from one house to the next.  

Since I have been with my husband, we have done the same thing every holiday. We always go to his family’s house. This year, we have decided to sit it out and stay home. I am going to be doing the cooking for once. Just for me, my husband and my daughter (and the dogs if they’re good!). I am really looking forward to it! 

As you grow up, you realize that families and holidays change. The kids become adults and start having families of their own, people move away, some might have to work and sometimes you just want to enjoy some time without the hassle of traveling or cooking for a crowd. And guess what? It’s ok! 

Traveling really sucks! Holiday traffic can be quite stressful! We just moved further away from our family and also happen to live in a state that has nothing better to do than start construction projects on every major highway all at the same time! I just don’t feel like dealing with it this year, especially with a toddler who is currently at war with her carseat! 

Enjoying a long weekend. If you’re lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend this year, it’s a mini vacation! I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to leave their house! I work all week and I think I’m entitled to enjoy some extra time with my daughter, tackling the few odd projects that I never get to otherwise and overall, just enjoying some R&R! 

Sometimes you just want to be low key! I enjoy having others cook, it’s nice not having to do any work, but this year I actually want to do the hosting myself, for my little family. It means that I get to decide what time to eat, I get to cook my own food and make what I like. I don’t have to worry about having my house in pristine condition or please a crowd. And I can spend all day in my pajamas if I want! 

If I had to guess, the world probably isn’t going to end because we missed one holiday gathering! So that’s the end of that and I am so happy with the decision!

No matter what you are doing, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 

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Nice to meet you! I’m Nikki! I'm called "mommy" by the most precious little girl who makes my world go round! I'm a lover of coffee, comfy clothes, neutral home decor, flowers & DIY projects! My blog focuses on combining both motherhood with hobbies and interests and sharing helpful tips! I hope you find some inspiration as you read along!

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