13 Days of Thankful (Week 1)

Day 1 is dedicated to my world, my heart, my everything. My daughter. She is the absolute most important person in my life and what I am most thankful for. The love I have for her is beyond measure. Some days, I think my heart may explode from joy. I live for every smile, laugh, hug, kiss, question and comment. She inspires me, challenges me, and motivates me. The gift of motherhood changed me completely and I am so grateful that I was given such a blessing.


Day 2 My husband. He is such an amazing father to our little girl and a great partner. He’s kind of the calm to my crazy. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows like we all make it seem on our social media posts, but I definitely have a lot to be thankful for in nearly the decade that we’ve been together and the days yet to come. 


Day My career. I have been busting my ass since I was legally allowed to have a worker’s permit and even before that I was doing odd jobs just to get a few bucks. I have always been extremely independent and always wanted to make my own money. Some days are quite stressful, especially in my field of work, but when you can provide for your family it’s everything and it keeps me walking in that door each day. One day I dream of clocking out of corporate America for life on the farm, but until then…. 


Day 4  World Kindness Day. I am thankful that my daughter is growing to be quite the kind and compassionate little girl. Every day I tell her she is beautiful. She knows to say please and thank you when she wants something. She shares well with others, is the first doctor on call to care for you when you’re sick or have a “boo boo” and is always the first to give a huge hug. I believe that if we teach our children to be kind, we can have better hope for our future. For World Kindness Day, we plan to go through all of her old items and donate them to someone else who is in need. We are fortunate enough to be able to have necessities in life, but some people aren’t as lucky. Kindness is contagious and while my daughter might not understand the concept of donating just yet, I know that if I start showing her when she’s young, she will continue in her future. It’s amazing how helping someone else can have both a huge impact on that person as well as yourself. So as Ellen would say “Be Kind”! 

2018-11-14 094532793821204515814..jpg

Day 5  My home. We recently moved into a new house. It is nothing less than chaotic when you walk into my house. A toddler, dogs and a bunny are charging at every minute of the day, but its ours. We have plenty of space and are in a great area to raise a family. I am proud of the work that we have put into it already and the projects that we will be doing in the future. I look forward to watching my daughter grow up here and all of the memories that will be made through the years. 


2018-11-13 084035388506897646933..jpg

Day 6 My Mom. I appreciate everything that my mom has ever done for me and every lesson that she taught. She is selfless, smart and is the type of person who would give her last penny to someone else who she thought needed it more. She is such a fantastic grandmother to my daughter. There’s a special love that is between grandmothers and their grandkids and their bond is no exception. We love her very much.


Day 7 Nature. There is something so special about getting away from the city and technology to enjoy and appreciate the fresh air of untouched land around you. I love to be outside, hike and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with it. This picture is from Colorado. I absolutely fell in love when I was here and was amazed at how gorgeous it was in real life. The pictures don’t do justice. I am thankful to have a daughter who also enjoys being outside, scoping out wildlife and telling me every color tree and flower along the way.  I look forward to many more adventures with her and hope to be able to travel a lot more.



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