A Baby Shark’s Halloween

Just like a million other children in the world, my daughter is in love with Baby Shark. It’s on repeat for hours at a time. So many different youtube videos and variations of the song. It drives a parent to insanity. So I thought I would use that as inspiration for our Halloween costumes this year.

“As parents we are victims of the never ending song “Baby Shark”. We are forced to listen for hours on end. Tired, bags under our eyes, hair’s a mess and our ears are bleeding. Although, I do loved being attacked with baby shark hugs and kisses.”

Behold our family shark costumes!


I’m not one who usually does the whole store bought costume thing, but this one from Target was perfect. It was cute, plush and warm! Kin had no problem with running around trick or treating (twice) in it.

For Mommy & Daddy Shark, I just painted some t-shirts with fabric paint and cut some holes (my husband’s broken wrist came in handy for our theme!). I found these shark leggings on Amazon! This is probably the only time one of those foreign sellers didn’t fail on me. One size fits all actually fit! I added some blood to my ears (hubs isn’t as dedicated to a theme as I am, lol) and we were ready to head out.

We received so many compliments! It’s crazy to know that so many parents understood the concept of how viral this song has gone. It annoys the hell out of us, but makes our kids so happy, which makes it all worth it…..I guess………!

I hope everyone had just as much fun as we did trick or treating! Raise your hand if you’re struggling at work today, tired and suffering from a sugar hangover!

Ain’t she the cutest shark to ever roam the land?! 😉

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