Homemade Halloween Wreath

There are so many ways you can decorate a door for Halloween. A homemade wreath is is always a great choice!

To go with our theme this year, I decided to make a black wreath with some black floral pieces and skull head.

The nice part about making your own wreath is that it tends to be much cheaper than our purchasing one from the store. I made this one for about $15.

First, I went shopping for some supplies.

Wreath ring (Hobby Lobby $3)

Ribbon (Hobby Lobby $3)

Black flowers (Dollar store) These are fun because they already had eyeballs glued into some of the flowers!

Dark purple flowers (Michael’s $6)

Skull heads (Michael’s $3)

Spray paint

Hot glue gun


For my base, I spray painted the wreath ring black.


Once that dried, I wrapped my wreath in a black glitter ribbon. I also added a bow at the bottom.



I laid out all of my items in rough draft form. It’s always best to do this before you start gluing so that you know exactly how it will look before you start assembling in final form. This is also the fun part because you can get as creative as you’d like!


Once all my items were in place, I was ready to start gluing my pieces onto the ring. For the larger flowers, I cut them down to the size I needed, leaving a little room to push the stem into the ring. I then glued the stem into the hole.

I let the flowers dry, and for the finishing touch, I added a small skull head to the bottom of my wreath. I could’ve used the entire bag that I purchased, but I only wanted a very small statement. Lastly, I tied a small black ribbon to use as a hanger on my door.


The wreath is now complete and ready to hang! I had a pretty cool Welcome sign that I found many years ago, it fit perfectly next to my new wreath! Thankfully I was able to finish this before my daughter woke up from her nap! Happy Crafting!!

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