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Introducing-Punkin’s Donuts!

Hi everyone!

I started this blog as a way to share my little world of motherhood as well as sharing my never-ending house projects, activities and adventures with my mini me, decorating, crafting, baking and everything in between as I get this blogging thing down!

So this blog isn’t about pumpkin donuts? Not quite. Although, I do admit I am completely addicted to donuts and am on a quest for the best pumpkin and apple cider donuts around.

So how did I chose my blog name?

My inspiration for the name Punkin’s Donuts came about from my beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, kind, loving and fascinating, little girl, Kin.

We headed to our local donut shop and picked up a dozen pumpkin and apple cider donuts to celebrate the kick of the fall season.  Kin and I have had donut dates before, but those were just everyday donuts-chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. Nothing fancy. It was now time to introduce her to my personal favorite and ever so “basic”, pumpkin donut. While she was devouring that donut, I asked her if she knew what she was eating. Her reaction was priceless. She whispered “mommy…daddy…” then screamed… “PUNKIN DONUT!!!!!” That sugar rushed right through her system, the high she had could make Willie Nelson want to eat a dozen. For the rest of the day, she continued to scream “PUNKIN DONUT”, laughing at herself with how loud she could scream it – which ultimately made me and my husband laugh even harder until our bellies hurt. That moment became one of my favorite quotes from her (#1 being “I love you mommy”). My Proud Mom moment was that I caught it all on video! (check out IG for the full video) I captured a screenshot of her face of pure joy and that is now my blog’s icon. Aside from that day, I wanted to come up with a good pun that contains my daughter’s name- which brings us to…. Punkin’s Donuts.

Thank you for always being my inspiration, Kin. I love you.



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